Personal Information


    Birth date: 1969

    Sex: Male

    Married, two daughters.

    Home City: Ankara / Turkey


Voice Properties

    Sincere,charismatic, convincing, emotional, dramatic, creative, versatile, talented ... 



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    1994- 2001 He worked in some radios, Ankara.

    Radio programs, ads, radio theatres...



    2002-2003  Istanbul:

    Dubbing for TRT ,  Ankara

    Selcuk Birdal worked as a dubbing actor for TRT (Turkish States TV); movies, TV series, cartoons in Ankara.


    2003-2004 Elementary School Drama Facilities.


    2004-2005 Preschool Drama Facilities





    1979-1983 Music Education Gölcük/Kocaeli

     (Mandolin and Guitar courses)  (PEC) 


    1992-1993 University theater group, METU Ankara, Turkey.


    1994-1998 Seminars and Courses, Ankara

    Turkish Diction Course.

    How to write Radio or TV text.



    1999-2000 Turkish Government Youth Theater Group Facilities, Ankara

    Theater and Drama lessons and facilities.


    ÇDD Creative Drama Leadership Program.


    Foreign Language




    Fishing, Muai Tai Boxing, Table Tennis, Astronomy.