About me

My voice characteristic

Versatile: Sincere, convincing, attractive, impressive, warm, trustworthy, friendly, deep.

I have studied Theatre and Creative Drama (6 Step)

I still do voice over for Mercedes Benz's SDS (Hey Mercedes) and Apple computers and iPhone's TTS (Text to speech) male voice over (Cem). 

I am doing Turkish voice over since 1994. I am a native voice actor and I live in Ankara / Turkey.

Back to Nowadays

1994- 2001 He worked in some radios, Ankara.

Radio programs, ads, radio theatres...

2002-2003  Istanbul:

Dubbing for TRT ,  Ankara

Selcuk Birdal worked as a dubbing actor for TRT (Turkish States TV); movies, TV series, cartoons in Ankara.


2003-2004 Elementary School Drama Facilities.


2004-2005 Preschool Drama Facilities



1979-1983 Music Education Gölcük/Kocaeli

     (Mandolin and Guitar courses)  (PEC) 

1992-1993 University theater group, METU Ankara, Turkey.


1994-1998 Seminars and Courses, Ankara

Turkish Diction Course.

How to write Radio or TV text.


1999-2000 Turkish Government Youth Theater Group Facilities, Ankara

Theater and Drama lessons and facilities.


2008 -2012 ÇDD Creative Drama Leadership Program.

Foreign Language


Acting On Camera

Here are my acting performances. I do some entertainment videos at home and put them in internet. Thanks my wife that she helps me :)

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